The Landmark Ancient Histories
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Reading Odyssey ongoing reading groups on the
Classics via monthly teleconference

Reading Odyssey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to
helping adults reengage their intellectual curiosity through
reading and discussing some of the best books and ideas via
phone-based reading groups.

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The Reading Odyssey Process
— Participants read about a chapter a month, with reading
questions assigned by the Reading Odyssey moderator.
— Then each month the readers call in to an 800 phone number  
to discuss that chapter (and the reading questions assigned by
the moderator).
— Each phone call is recorded and the .mp3 is made available
online to the readers who missed it.
— The moderator is also available via email during the month to
answer questions, and members are encouraged to use the
group email listserv and blog to discuss the reading.

First-time readers can sign up for free. We ask veteran members
to make a contribution to help cover basic costs.

Phone Numbers
(including Skype numbers) will be made available free of charge
to all participants thanks to our sponsors Citrix Online and their
HiDefConferencing division.
Reading Groups
and Events
Links to Reading Odyssey’s Archives,
Discussions, and mp3 Files