The Landmark Ancient Histories
Whether you’re a classics scholar or a beginning student,
the Landmark editions will help you navigate these
ancient texts with new understanding. From the travels of
Herodotus, the “father of history,” the events of the
Peloponnesian War according to Thucydides and
Xenophon, to the far-reaching campaigns of Alexander the
Great, explore the ancient world with the contextual tools
you need to more fully comprehend events and people of
centuries ago.
     The Landmark Ancient Histories feature
contemporary translations of classic historians’ writings
supported with extensive customized maps, illustrations,
and annotations. Marginal notes, dates, and locations are
placed side by side with the manuscript in a clear page
format to help keep you oriented. Introductions and
appendices written by some of today’s leading scholars
give insight into politics, culture, warfare, and other
subjects pertinent to the ancient texts. Encyclopedic
indexes provide cross-references to themes and events
throughout the manuscripts.
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“[The Landmark Herodotus is] the most densely annotated, richly
illustrated, and user-friendly edition of his histories ever to appear.”
      —Daniel Mendelsohn, The New Yorker
Copyright © 2010 by Robert B. Strassler
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Released December 2017
The Landmark Julius Caesar:
The Complete Works
Gallic War, Civil War, Alexandrian War, African War, Spanish War
Edited by Kurt A. Raaflaub   Series Editor Robert B. Strassler

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“A Herculean task. The Landmark Julius
 is [Raaflaub’s] gift, and Mr.
Strassler’s, to history readers everywhere.
. . . Mr. Raaflaub has surpassed even the
previous high standards of the Landmark
—James Romm
The Wall Street Journal
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