The Landmark Ancient Histories
Text features in Landmark editions are designed to assist the reader
side notes which are found on the outside page margin at
the beginning of the chapters into which the ancient text was divided
long ago by Alexandrian scholars. Normally, the first two lines of the
side note display the book and chapter number and the date (if known
or applicable). The third line shows the location of where the action
takes place (or in some cases, a topical title). Finally, there is a
summary description of the contents of the chapter. Each chapter
section numbers in square brackets, such as [2] to
mark the divisions into which scholars have traditionally divided the
text for ease of search, analysis, and discussion.
Running heads are
placed on the top of each page of the book which at a glance provide
date and place and a brief summary of the action of the first complete
chapter on the page.
Footnotes not only refer place-names in the text
to nearby maps, as mentioned above, but they may serve to connect
certain points in the text to other relevant sections, or to the work of
other ancient writers and poets. They also cite particular paragraphs in
the Introduction or in one or more of the appendices where the reader
will find discussion of the topics or events footnoted. On occasion, they
provide background information that does not appear in any of the
appendices. They may also point out and briefly describe some of the
major scholarly controversies over interpretation, translation, or
corruption of the text. A few explanatory footnotes are quite long and
detailed, but they contain important information which could not be
further condensed. Footnotes and map data are repeated throughout
the work to assist those who will read only selections from it, or whose
reading of the text is discontinuous.                                            
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