The Landmark Ancient Histories
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To assist the reader who wishes to rapidly locate a particular place,
an index of all sites that appear in the text can be found in the final
pages of the volume, along with a series of
Reference Maps. Readers
can quickly locate all sites shown on the Reference Maps by their
listing in the
Reference Map Directory, which identifies by
number the reference map on which it can be found and the site’s
coordinates on that map. Sites mentioned only once in the text are
included in the directory but they are often not shown on the
Reference Maps for reasons of clarity and lack of space. Instead, the
reader will be referred to a text map on which they appear.
Except for the Landmark Thucydides, which was published in 1997,
the authority for all the maps in the series is the
Barrington Atlas of
the Greek and Roman World
(Richard J. Talbert, ed., Princeton
University Press, 2000)
[go to site]. Readers who would seek larger,
more accurate, and more detailed maps of any regions depicted in the
Landmark editions of Herodotus’
Histories, Xenophon’s Hellenika, or
Campaigns of Alexander, should seek them in the Barrington
Atlas. All labels that appear on the maps of those volumes are spelled
exactly as they appear in the atlas, so that no one seeking to find Cyme
or Chalcidice in one volume will be confronted by Kyme or Khalkidike
in the index of the other. Since the Barrington Atlas covers both the
Greek and Roman periods, it employs an orthographic system in
which place-names are transliterated into either Greek or Latin, and
this apparently inconsistent set of transliterations is carried over into
the maps of the Landmark volumes. Some people may be bothered by
this seemingly arbitrary bilingual labeling but I don’t believe the
general reader will be disturbed. For questions about map label
orthography, consult Professor Talbert’s discussion of ancient names
presented in the Introduction to the Barrington Atlas.          
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