Landmark Features

All Landmark editions begin with an informative Introduction
written by a qualified scholar that discusses what is known about the
ancient author’s life, his methods, and relevant facts about his world.
They also contain a number of explanatory
Appendices on various
topics by a number of scholars. It is hoped that these will provide a
sufficient minimum of explanatory and/or background information to
help a general reader better understand and relate to the text.
Relevant paragraphs in the introduction and the individual
appendices are cited by footnote throughout the text, so that the
readers will know where to look for explanation or further
information. A glance at the
Contents page will show how many
topics were deemed necessary for such elaboration.
In addition, every Landmark edition contains a full Chronological
of the text which lists the narrative’s main events by book
and chapter as well as date and location They also offer the most
thorough and complete
Index that can be found to any English
translation of these text, a
Glossary of terms and a short
bibliography specifically designed for the general reader who might
wish to learn more about what is known or has been written about the
ancient author or his work.                                                            
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